Classic Simplicity





Hey All!

Today has been a busy day.  Don’t you hate when you have a day when you barely have a moment for yourself- going back and forward like a yoyo!  That was my day.  On a day where you don’t know who you are going to meet or encounter along the way I always feel like it is best to keep things simple.  Normally I’m quite anti “plain and simple” in terms of wearing black for work.  Its sooo predictable in the office environment.  But today, I felt it was necessary.  I have been living in this top since getting it (H+M) and a plain black pencil skirt always looks smart.



Today, to keep myself glam but in line- I opted for a classic make up look, red lips and black eyeliner with my hair pulled into a neat (minus the frizz) bun.  It is nice that when faced with a hard day, that you can still feel glamorous.  I threw on my trusty Ostrich feather Gilet to keep the look a little dressed down during my less “office professional” moments of the day.  No busy day would be complete without a great big cup of Starbuck’s would it?! #workaholic

What is your classic look?

Bianca xx

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