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Game of Thrones Season 8 Teaser Analysis: The Forks in the River | Watchers on the Wall



In case you missed it, at the moment we received our first teaser trailer from the upcoming ultimate season of Game of Thrones and it has lit the fandom on hearth speculating about the particulars contained in the 55-second animation. Comparatively brief, no actors or scenes from the upcoming season truly appeared in it. We in this group have a popularity of overanalyzing each little factor that comes out of HBO, and I’m right here to uphold that wonderful custom. Let’s dive proper in and see what we will tease out of the upcoming season in this animation.

  1. Flaming Lion and Frozen Direwolf


The teaser begins with a picture of the Painted Desk of Aegon the Conqueror at Dragonstone the place we final noticed Daenerys and her small council making warfare plans. A sluggish mist rolls out of the North freezing collectible figurines of a direwolf, a dragon after which the complete North as its fingers of frost attain south. In response, a fireplace seems in the South and begins sweeping North to satisfy the mist. The flames engulf a Lannister lion and ultimately the whole southern half of the map.


The meanings listed here are clear, the White Walkers are represented by the mist rolling from the Wall freezing every little thing in their path. The frozen dragon representing Viserion. The implication for the Starks although is slightly grim. The direwolf represents Winterfell, so this suggests that the citadel will fall earlier than the armies of the lifeless.


And if the symbolism of Viserion holds, maybe some of the Starks might even be a part of the military of the damned. An typically forgotten reality of Winterfell is that the Crypts of Winterfell include hundreds of years of Stark corpses. Kings of Winter, Wardens of the North, brothers and sisters of home Stark all buried in tombs. Ought to the White Walkers breach the Partitions and the Crypts, the lengthy lifeless Kings of Winter might be a part of the military of the Night time King. Or maybe newer members of the household, reminiscent of Rickon or Lyanna Stark- or some of the remaining Stark dwelling like Bran, Sansa, Arya, or Jon.


The blazing lion figurine as nicely probably spells doom for its signature home. By the finish of final season, Cersei is alone. Jaime has abandoned her when she indicated she would break her discount with Dany and Tyrion. Her armies are severely decreased after Drogon and the Dothraki destroyed them in the Loot Practice battle. If Dany suspects treachery out of the sitting Queen of the Seven Kingdoms, Casterly Rock or the Purple maintain might get the Harrenhal remedy. As well as, whereas Jaime has develop into a formidable basic his personal battle prowess continues to be pitiful with out his dominant hand. And he’s nonetheless reviled throughout the kingdom as the Kingslayer, the man with out Honor in addition to having Bran Stark’s tried homicide looming over him prefer it did for Littlefinger. Tyrion isn’t protected both going into this battle, his main weapon stays his thoughts and as he’s joked in the previous he hasn’t discovered a option to kill anybody with it but. The fiery doom of Home Lannister in this teaser looms as ever current because it does for the Starks.

2. The Wall of Glass


The climax of the trailer is when the waves of hearth and ice meet in the center of Westeros. They crash into one another like a horse cost slamming right into a defend wall and from that some type of crystal erupts from the floor. The first thought is that that is dragonglass, or obsidian, being shaped from the collision of the opposing primal forces. Dragonglass is usually referred to as frozen hearth for good purpose, it’s magma from volcanoes that quickly cools earlier than it has an opportunity to type crystals. Similar to when magma erupts from the floor and slams into water, which works for this symbolic collision. It’s unclear if that is meant to be taken actually, that as Daenerys and her forces meet the Night time King in fight and fissures will open up, and dragonglass might be shaped in giant quantities.

Some followers are taking this as a “new wall” to exchange the beforehand destroyed one. Seeing as the White Walkers are destroyed by the substance at a contact, this may be a really efficient barrier for them.


The much less tinfoily view of that is that their battleground might be damaging in a approach that solely pure disasters can produce. A battle entrance lots of of miles lengthy, dragons laying down swathes of hearth, the freshly slain rising towards their very own comrades, complete destruction of the panorama. Even when the armies of the dwelling win, all of Westeros won’t ever be the similar. For maybe one other 5000-1000 years. Both means, a cataclysm of some type is being hinted at strongly.

three. The Trident


The most intriguing half of this epic scene displaying ice and hearth clashing is the place the struggle is occurring. As a result of that is the painted desk of Aegon, the similar one used as a mannequin in the opening sequences of the present and by Stannis and later Dany, we will truly select the place this conflict is occurring on the map. Simply by eyeballing it, the two seem to satisfy proper in the center of Westeors which is in the Riverlands round the Trident, Harrenhal, Riverrun, and the Twins. Taking a better look and we will truly see the three forks of the river Trident appearing as a boundary between ice and hearth. And that is no accident or a handy place for the animations to satisfy. The Trident and its forks have monumental foreshadowing and historical past behind them as the battleground between life and dying.


The most up-to-date instance is the fateful duel between the insurgent Robert Baratheon and Prince Rhaegar Targaryen. The royal military led by Rhaegar lastly met Robert in battle simply east of the three forks of the Trident at what can be referred to as the Ruby Ford. It was named not just for the rubies that erupted from Rhaegar’s breastplate when Robert’s warhammer caved it in, however the monumental quantities of blood spilled into the river from the battle. Apparently this second is one which swayed historical past in a serious means away from Rhaegar’s plans.

Unbeknownst to most individuals in the realm, Rhaegar was closely in prophecy and the return of dragons. Associated from Maester Aemon in the books,

Rhaegar, I assumed . . . the smoke was from the hearth that devoured Summerhall on the day of his start, the salt from the tears shed for many who died. He shared my perception when he was younger, however later he turned persuaded that it was his personal son who fulfilled the prophecy, for a comet had been seen above King’s Touchdown on the night time Aegon was conceived, and Rhaegar was sure the bleeding star needed to be a comet. What fools we have been, who thought ourselves so sensible! – A Feast for Crows, Samwell IV

He believed that Rhaegar would return from the Trident, depose the Mad King in a Nice Council, and ensure the realm was ready for the inevitable return of the darkness and the Lengthy Night time. As was associated to Jaime Lannister:

Rhaegar had put his hand on Jaime’s shoulder. “When this battle’s done I mean to call a council. Changes will be made. I meant to do it long ago, but . . . well, it does no good to speak of roads not taken. We shall talk when I return.” A Feast for Crows, Jaime I

Had Rhaegar gained the day and returned victorious, the White Walkers might by no means have invaded. That is the nature of the Trident and the surrounding areas like Harrenhal, the God’s Eye, the Isle of Faces, Excessive Coronary heart, and the Inn at the Crossroads. Lengthy earlier than Rhaegar, the destiny of kings and wars and Westeros itself swung wildly.

Harrenhal was the seat of Black Harren Hoare and the single largest fort ever constructed in Westeros. Aegon the Conqueror burned the citadel and roasted its house owners alive from Balerion as a present of pressure for what occurs whenever you resist the Dragon.

King Maegor the Merciless secured his throne in a battle generally known as the “Battle Beneath the Gods Eye” the place he lead his military from Balerion the Black Dread’s again towards his nephew Prince Aegon Targaryen. When Maegor killed Aegon and his dragon, it secured his rule for an additional 5 bloody and horrific years. Equally Prince Daemon Targaryen and Prince Aemond “One-Eye” Targaryen fought one other battle on dragonback in what was often known as the “Battle Above the Gods Eye” for management of Westeros. On this battle although, each riders and dragons died and fell into the sacred waters of the Gods Eye.

The Inn at the Crossroads is the exact same inn the place the Starks and Lannisters have been staying on their method again from Winterfell when Arya and Joffrey fought, and Mycah and Woman have been killed. It’s the inn the place Catelyn and Ser Rodrik run into Tyrion Lannister and place him beneath arrest for the tried homicide of Bran Stark. Additionally the place Scorching Pie finally ends up working and Arya decides between murdering Cersei and returning house to Winterfell.

However the most necessary historic occasion, particularly with this teaser in thoughts, is the give up of King Torrhen Stark. Aegon, his sisters, their dragons, and their monumental military stood on one aspect of the Trident and King Torrhen’s Northern military stood on the different. Torrhen heard from his scouts the smoking wreck of Harrenhal and the monumental loss of life at the Subject of Hearth, however he had fateful decisions in entrance of him. With the may of Aegon, the sensible transfer for the North was a give up. Nevertheless the Northern Lords behind him urged that they struggle towards Aegon anyway, they have been Northerners and hard they usually wouldn’t give up their lands simply. After which one remaining choice from Torrhen’s bastard brother, Brandon Snow. Brandon provided to kill all three dragons, virtually assuredly with weirwood arrows, after which they might attempt to beat the Targaryens and their new allies on the area of battle.

Torrhen selected correctly and knelt, nevertheless that is the unique battle of ice and hearth at the Trident. A second of future, a fork in the river, a single selection. When you acknowledge the identify Torrhen Stark it’s as a result of he was introduced up final season prominently in the scene between Daenerys and Jon the place she calls for Jon kneel. The parallels between Torrhen and Aegon, Jon and Daenerys, and the dragons and the White Walkers are very intriguing as we head into the final season. Particularly with this curious dream from Dany in the books.

That night time she dreamt that she was Rhaegar, driving to the Trident. However she was mounted on a dragon, not a horse. When she noticed the Usurper’s insurgent host throughout the river they have been armored all in ice, however she bathed them in dragonfire they usually melted away like dew and turned the Trident right into a torrent. Some small half of her knew that she was dreaming, however one other half exulted. That is the way it was meant to be. The different was a nightmare, and I’ve solely now woke up. – A Storm of Swords, Daenerys III

The stage is about for hearth and ice to satisfy as soon as once more at the Trident. The names of the Forks foreshadow the battle itself. The Purple, Blue, and Inexperienced Forks are the three branches of the river. Pink being hearth, blue being ice, inexperienced being life. The Trident splits between these three decisions and ideas, and as does destiny itself. How will it play out this time?

Will the King of Winter kneel once more to the dragons? Will we get one other Battle above and beneath the Gods Eye? A Targaryen prince dying in the river together with his love’s identify on his lips? The Trident is the place the destiny of Westeros can be determined. And to cite the poem that impressed the identify of the collection “A Song of Ice and Fire”, Hearth and Ice by Robert Frost:

Some say the world will finish in hearth,

Some say in ice.

From what I’ve tasted of want

I maintain with those that favor hearth.

But when it needed to perish twice,

I feel I do know sufficient of hate

To say that for destruction ice

Can also be nice

And would suffice.

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