How Often to Wash Low Porosity Hair

In this submit, I am going to present you ways typically to wash low porosity hair and why it’s rather a lot simpler than you assume.

Like you, I have low porosity hair. However, I only wash it as soon as every week.

In truth:

As soon as every week is how typically you need to wash low porosity hair to hold it delicate, moisturized, and free from buildup until your subsequent wash.

From the editorHowever right here’s a confession … It wasn’t all the time that straightforward for me!

I’ve battled with greasy scalp buildup, dry ends, flat hair, and a head filled with tangles, that might pressure me to attain for my shampoo virtually three occasions every week (minimal).

I’ve even tried:

  • Mustard oil remedies
  • Baking soda scrubs
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • And pre-poo remedies

Sadly, they have been all a waste of time, and I couldn’t keep up.

Until I found out what works. Thanks to Reddit

And it’s lifeless easy.

You only need to keep in mind 2 issues when it comes to washing low porosity hair:

Yes, that’s all you want.

A superb scrub followed by a melting dose of hydration and moisture.

In contrast to excessive porosity hair which requires much more care and a spotlight, I found out my hair is a hell of lots easier to look after and I wouldn’t have it the opposite means spherical.

When you have low porosity hair, and you’re struggling to find the proper stability with:

  • How typically to wash
  • When to wash
  • Whether to wash and go extra typically
  • Or to undertake a co-wash routine

Stick with me.

At the moment I am going to show my actual process for cleansing and moisturizing your hair with the intention to skip your shampoo for 1 week or much more.

Right here’s what I’ll cover:

  • Forms of buildup on low porosity hair
  • How to wash low porosity hair with onerous water
  • Greatest merchandise to wash low porosity hair
  • Wash and go strategies for low porosity hair
  • Co-washing routines
  • Merchandise to keep away from
  • Important merchandise you want for low porosity hair

Once you perceive how to wash low porosity hair with the correct technique, you’ll be washing your hair much less!

However first, let me ask you this easy question?

What’s the most important drawback you face when washing low porosity hair?

  • Removing buildup
  • Shrinkage
  • Dryness
  • Breakage
  • Tangles?

I get it.

Fact is, these issues are inevitable.

It’s all about the way you manage them with a great hair care routine that works together with your hair, not towards it.

Why Low Porosity Hair Can Be Exhausting To Manage?

Low porosity hair doesn’t like moisture.

That’s because the cuticles are utterly flat, and do not permit anything to cross by way of.

Briefly, your hair rejects moisture.

Here’s an illustration that explains the way it seems from the surface:

how frequently to wash low porosity hair

The issue with water and moisture repelling hair is that, as an alternative of absorbing water and your nutrients-rich hair products, it forces them to sit on the surface.

What happens subsequent is a sluggish accumulation of product buildup that makes your scalp greasy, and the ends of your hair dry.

So why do your ends keep dry?

That’s as a result of sebum, your scalp’s natural oil gets swamped by all the hair merchandise, subsequently unable to lubricate the length of your hair.


For those who assume you’re affected by these symptoms, it’s important you discover out whether you do have low porous hair.

In some instances, it could possibly be that you simply’re simply utilizing the incorrect products that aren’t serving to your causes.

Do You Have Low Porosity Hair? Right here’s the Straightforward Approach to Figure it Out

The simplest method to find out in case your hair is low porosity is to do the float check.

hair porosity flat test

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Ensure you wash your hair first
  • Let it dry
  • Reduce a strand of hair
  • Refill a glass with water
  • Drop that piece of hair within the glass of water
  • Verify if it sinks or floats

In case your hair floats on the prime, it’s one of many characteristics of low porosity hair.

This implies your hair will all the time reject moisture within the type of water, oils, and lotions.

In consequence, you’ll get buildup in your scalp simply.

Varieties Of Buildup On Low Porosity Hair

residues from low porosity hairResidues from low porosity hair

Scalp and hair buildup may be delicate or heavy, and this will depend on a number of things associated to your way of life.

For instance:

  • How much hair products you employ every day
  • In the event you wash your hair with onerous water
  • How typically you do a deep cleanse
  • And the way typically you employ heavy oils and lotions

Let’s check out the forms of buildup that occurs to low porosity hair:

Sebum Buildup

Naturally, your hair ought to be soaking up sebum out of your scalp. That’s the rationale your scalp produces this superb oil. To feed your hair strands so that they stay supple, clean, and resistant to breakage.

Imagine what would occur in case your scalp didn’t produce sebum and distributed it to your hair?

Your hair would develop into severely dry, brittle, and ultimately break.

sebum coating low porosity hairSebum coating and distribution technique

So sebum, whether you prefer it or not, is an important element that keeps your hair healthy.

But if your hair refuses to cooperate, then you’ve gotten an issue.

The entire process fails.

You see, in case your hair can’t take in sebum, then the place does it end up?

It stays on prime of your hair or worse – it accumulates on your scalp!

Which is why a few of us feel like an oil slick, and the constant need to wash our head or throw tons of dry shampoos to repair the problem.

Sebum accumulation on the scalp causes a number of issues, for instance:

It will possibly lead to inflammations, blocked pores, and even suffocate the hair follicles, subsequently, slowing or impeding progress.

Different exterior elements that trigger buildup in your hair are hair products or your shower water.

Let’s take a look …

Product Buildup

Let’s be trustworthy, most of us are guilty of layering products on our hair particularly once we are too busy.

From the editorI do this too. Typically I’ll spray dry shampoo on my hair before and after health club as a result of I don’t have time to wash my hair.

But then I overlook, I used hair serums, depart in conditioning remedies, and refreshing sprays within the morning for work.

Subsequent day, it’s the same previous routine.

  1. Refresh my hair with dry shampoo in the morning
  2. Layer up some fancy merchandise to make it look presentable
  3. Go to work, then hit the fitness center
  4. Then masks my hair with dry shampoos again

The issue:

These merchandise accumulate over the week.

And the worst ones are silicone-based products.

Here’s why?

Silicone is like a rubber or plastic substance which coats your hair to clean out the cuticles and make it look shiny.

While it does a reasonably good job, the layer it creates on prime of your hair turns into sticky over time. Silicones layers then turn into resistant to shampoos. They don’t wash out, subsequently, blocking moisture from moving into your hair.

Different comparable substances are minerals in arduous water.

Arduous Water Minerals Buildup

how often to wash low porous hair in hard waterHow typically to wash low porosity hair in onerous water

Minerals in arduous water are resistant to shampoos and soaps.

That’s why you’ll all the time see them round your faucets, bathtub, and faucets.

In case you are washing your hair in exhausting water or nicely water, you’re not washing off the minerals that deposit onto your scalp or hair.

Until you employ a Chelating shampoo, these nasty minerals gained’t go away.

What they do as an alternative is sit on your hair and crystalize. The crystallization process is what blocks external moisture from stepping into your hair.

And eventually, all of us do this one …

Overloading our hair with oils to heal dryness.

However, does it all the time work?

Heavy Oils Buildup (Improper Remedies For Low Porosity Hair)

coconut oil on low porosity hairCoconut oil on low porosity hair

If in case you have low porous hair and you employ heavy oils, this aggravates the problem as an alternative of fixing it.

Heavy oils – like their identify suggest, are heavy and lazy.

For instance:

gained’t help to moisturize hair with flat cuticles.

Imagine them as lazy molecules that gained’t make an effort.

You apply them to your hair, however they sit there. They gained’t break a sweat to transfer in.

What they do as an alternative, they dry and grow to be sticky on prime.

Now, good luck making an attempt to rinse out coconut oil or castor oil off your hair in one go.

It’ll take no less than 2 washes to rinse them out utterly. And by that time, you’ve overwashed your hair, and made it even drier!

If you would like to undertake an optimum washing routine, comply with a life-style that causes less buildup.

  • Avoid silicone based mostly merchandise
  • Wash with onerous water shampoos
  • Don’t overdo it with dry shampoos
  • Use a Boar Bristle Brush to stability out sebum

And then washing low porosity hair becomes straightforward.

How Often To Wash Low Porosity Hair – Based mostly on Buildup

how frequent to co wash low porosity hair

How typically you want to wash low porosity hair is dependent upon your sort of buildup.

But finally, your aim is to:

  • Take away product buildup
  • Cleanse and moisturize
  • Refresh
  • And make your hair stay delicate and moist for longer

So let’s dive proper into the method.

How to Wash Low Porosity Hair

From the editorLet’s go back to the float check again. I would like you to attempt one thing new this time.

Comply with the identical course of:

  1. Wash your hair
  2. Let it dry
  3. Minimize a bit of your hair

This time, you’ll use a glass of warm water.

Before you drop that piece of hair into the glass of water, do that:

Together with your fingers, dip that piece of hair into the glass and maintain it there for 3 minutes.

The thought is to drench the hair and saturate it completely with water.

Now, simply let it go, and see the way it behaves in that tumbler of water.

From the editorWhat do you see? This piece of hair is now sinking slowly into the glass!

Lesson I discovered from doing this:

Hair saturated with warm water, permits water-soluble merchandise to move by way of.

That’s because warm water:

  • Gently opens the pores
  • Lifts hair cuticles
  • And loosens filth and buildup

What is going to happen now’s, once you wash your hair, it responds higher to your shampoos, and nutrients-rich conditioners.

However before you lather up together with your shampoo, I recommend that you simply do a total detox and deep cleanse.


Because a deep cleanse will prime your hair for max conditioner absorption.

So right here’s the way you want to wash low porosity hair:

  1. Saturate with heat water for three minutes
  2. Use a clarifying shampoo to deep cleanse & prime
  3. Wash with a low porosity shampoo (Alkaline)
  4. Preen your hair to take away all extra water
  5. Apply conditioner to damp hair (Not soaking moist)
  6. End by drying your hair with a microfiber towel

Discover I’ve emphasized: Alkaline shampoo.

Alkaline brokers assist to carry hair cuticles when washing hair safely. It’s essential because you’re now prepping your hair to obtain conditioning and moisturizing remedies throughout your bathe.

Greatest Products For Washing Low Porosity Hair

when to wash low porosity hair

Joico Clarifying Shampoo

Verify Worth

Joico Okay Pak is extensively used in professional hair salons as clarifying remedies.

The Joico Okay Pak clarifying shampoo gently exfoliates your scalp, and the outer layer of your hair with its alkaline agents.

The perfect shampoo to deep cleanse and give your cuticles a mild nudge to get up, and start feeding on nutritious conditioners and moisturizers.

Joico can also be our greatest really helpful clarifying shampoo from all of the salon professional brands we’ve reviewed.

Subsequent up after your deep cleanse, you’ll use a Protein-free Low Porosity hair shampoo.

Low porosity protein free shampoo

Shea Moisture Low Porosity Shampoo

Verify Worth

This shampoo is right for low porosity, protein delicate hair that is resistant to water and moisture.

Here’s why this shampoo is non-negotiable when it comes to washing low porosity hair:

  • Zero protein
  • Quick-absorbing
  • Works on curly, coily, ziggly hair
  • Sulfate-free
  • Shade-safe
  • Balanced hydration
  • Extremely nourishing
  • Mild cleansing method

The Shea Moisture Baobab and Tea Tree oils LP shampoo ticks all the packing containers. Plus you’ve gotten the option to purchase a conditioner in the same line.

How handy!

Shea Moisture Low Protein Conditioner

Verify Worth

Light-weight conditioner to soften and provide great slip in your curls.

The Shea Moisture protein-free conditioner is so splendidly mild and yet extremely hydrating.

It is going to soothe and quench your thirsty hair with nutrient-packed waters to lock in moisture, and provides your hair an enlivened bounce when you step out of that shower.

Just ensure you have a smooth towel that gained’t ruffle your hair and create tangles and frizz once more.

DevaCurl Microfiber Towel

Verify Worth

Anti-static, anti-frizz, and anti-breakage towel that absorbs water with out the necessity to rub.

The DevaCurl Microfiber towel squeezes out extra water out of your hair without the necessity to rub and create friction.

Simply wrap your hair in the towel and depart it for a few minutes, and unwrap for tangle-free tender curls.

Washing Low Porosity Hair in Exhausting Water

For those of you who unfortunately reside in onerous water areas, I have one essential tip.

Double up on your clarifying remedy.

A Chelating shampoo is what you’ll want.

A chelating shampoo has double advantages when it comes to deep cleansing your hair. It accommodates chelating agents that lure onerous water minerals and flush them out from your hair and scalp.

Here’s the top chelating shampoo I exploit and advocate:

Malibu C Onerous Water Wellness Shampoo

Verify Worth

The most effective onerous water shampoo to wash low porosity hair.

I also use the Malibu C exhausting water crystals twice a month for a correct purge.

From the editorI like the fizzing sensation This factor significantly works like magic!

The Malibu C crystal gel is straightforward to use.

Just rub it in your palms with a drop of water and slather it in your head. Depart it on for a few minutes when you benefit from the tingling sensation.

Now rinse and luxuriate in how mild and recent your head feels.

check it out:

When you still want a refresh in the course of the week due to health club commitments, or you usually get very sweaty on your scalp 🤦‍♀️ …

… then you have got 2 easy and straightforward methods to hold your hair clear with out the full-on scrub.

Wash and Go for Low Porosity Hair

Here’ the thing …

With at the moment’s hectic way of life, you can’t afford to spend 45 minutes during a weekday on washing and styling your hair.

Wash n’ go’s are super low upkeep and straightforward ways to refresh your hair in between your washes if you’re super pressed for time.

Word: There isn’t a need to cleanse your hair deep. Your weekly routine is sufficient to care for removing buildup.

The primary objective of a wash and go routine is to help your curls find their spring once more with a surge of hydration and a mood-lifting beautiful recent scent.

Here’s the way you do it:

  1. Wash your hair with the Shea moisture LP shampoo
  2. Rinse
  3. Pat your hair dry with the microfiber towel to take away excess water
  4. Apply your Low porosity hair gel on damp hair
  5. Fashion as required
  6. Diffuse or air dry

From the editorNo time for air drying? Use a blow dryer with diffuser. I like the quantity and luscious feeling it provides my hair.

Use low air move and medium heat and see the distinction!

Products you’ll want:

Decide up a silicone-free hair gel that absorbs quick to outline and clean out your curls. See under for my prime picks …

A Good Gel For Low Porosity Hair

The Blow Dryer For Low Porosity Hair

Another quick method to skip a full on washing is to do co-washing.

Let me clarify what it is …

Co Wash For Low Porosity Hair

Co washing means conditioner-only washing.

Which suggests you will skip your shampoo and use a conditioner solely to clear your tresses.

“Since unshampooed hair retains more of its natural oils than shampooed hair, the conditioner’s moisturizing agents will now leave strands even smoother and silkier than usual.”

Nicole Tresch Senior colorist on the Rita Hazan Salon, in New York Metropolis – RealSimple

Right here’s why it really works?

A weekly clarifying shampoo remedy preps your hair prematurely for optimum absorption. Subsequently, your hair stays ready to take up something you throw at it in the subsequent few days.

Whenever you use a silicone-free conditioner to wash your hair, it is utilizing optimum PH to replenish moisture and guarantee it does not strip your hair’s natural oils.

It’s also necessary to notice that conditioners include a small quantity of surfactant (what shampoo makes use of to cleanse your hair).

Right here’s how to do co washing for low porosity hair:

1. Saturate your hair with heat water
Delicate water will help loosen filth and open the pores and cuticles in your hair. It additionally helps to distribute your conditioner evenly.
2. Apply your conditioner
Use enough conditioner to coat the complete length of your hair (from root to tip). Don’t overlook – you’re cleansing not conditioning. So use a beneficiant quantity.

three. Massage the conditioner evenly
Take your time and massage the conditioner to loosen dust and let it soak into your hair. It should take about 5 minutes.
four. Rinse completely
Finally, rinse your hair completely and let it air dry or use a blow dryer with a diffuser.

And that’s it!

The only product you’ll need is the low porosity hair co-washing conditioner:

Shea Moisture Low Protein Conditioner

Verify Worth

Perfect for co-washing curls. Zero residues.

Your hair will really feel mild, refreshed, and exceptionally swooshy with loads of bounce and power.

Whichever routine you undertake, don’t overlook:

It’s all about utilizing the proper merchandise for low porosity hair. Merchandise that gained’t trigger buildup or create layers on prime of your hair.

Products to Keep away from on Low Porous Hair

Silicone-based merchandise create layers on prime of your hair to give the phantasm of a clean and glossy floor. They turn out to be cussed limitations in between your hair and your moisturizing products. Avoid them in case your hair doesn’t reply properly to conditioning remedies.
Coconut Oil
Coconut oil is heavy. It over seals the cuticle layer of your hair, thus preventing water from being absorbed into your hair.
Heavy Proteins
Low porosity hair is protein sensitive. For those who add extra protein on prime, it turns into stiff and brittle. This leads to dried out residues.
Heavy Butter
Identical to Coconut oil, heavy butter also over seals the cuticle layer. And by its very nature, it doesn’t work to penetrate the hair. As an alternative, it sits and waits to be absorbed. Until you employ a hair streaming remedy to drive it in, it gained’t get into your hair.
Cotton Towels
The fibers in cotton towels are too rough for low porosity hair. They create friction and static. What you need is an excellent absorbent towel that can take in extra moisture without the need to rub.

And eventually, right here’s one in every of my favourite hack that keeps my hair clean in between washes.

The straightforward act of brushing to stimulate my scalp, stability out sebum, and of course an important thing of all – it removes accrued filth.

Brushing is as Essential as Washing. And You’ll Adore it!

Now, here’s my favourite trick that retains my hair clear from buildup and correctly lubricated alongside the lengths all day long.

Before I’m going to sleep, I brush with a boar bristle brush.

Right here’s exactly what it does:

  • It cleans my scalp from buildup and mud
  • It gently massages my scalp (yes it feels good)
  • It retains my hair tender
  • It stimulates my scalp

And better of all, it distributes sebum from my scalp all the best way to the ends of my hair. Briefly, it uses your scalps personal natural oil to moisturize your hair without making it really feel greasy or weighed down.

In case you are not using a Boar Bristle Brush yet, it’s time you attempt one.

brush for cleaning low porosity hair

Mason Pearson Boar Bristle Brush

Verify Worth

The perfect brush to stimulate your scalp and remove filth, dust, and lint. And it makes your hair super clean, straightforward to detangle in minutes.


So there you might have it.

As soon as every week is how typically you want to wash low porosity hair.

In the event you want a refresh in between, undertake the co-wash or wash-and-gos to get you thru the week.

And don’t overlook, stack up on the best products.

They do make an enormous difference!

Low porosity protein free shampoo

Shea Moisture Low Porosity Hair Washing Shampoo

Examine Worth

Advisable for laundry low porosity hair as soon as every week.